Celvam is a single-family office, administrating a diversified range of interests for an entrepreneurial family. Our portfolio has a mix of direct and co-investments.

We have a global and long-term outlook, and our entrepreneurial instinct allows us to move fast to take advantage of emerging opportunities. Our long-term projects are about recurring income streams and capital growth.

Our private equity and early stage ventures follow consistent themes; teams with a track record of performance, sustainable competitive advantage, recurring revenue, strong free cash flow and clearly defined growth plans.

Importantly, our values underpin everything we do.

To us, how you do business is as important as what your business does and the returns it generates. We believe in and look for sincerity, transparency and actions to match. This is the basis upon which our partnerships have lasted for so many years.

We know our results depend on the quality of our relationships. We invest in people, not assets.